Friday, 22 August 2014

Why I like ....


I am going to tell you about
why I like my chromebook.

Why I like my chromebook?
I like my chromebook because
Its my own and I get to play games. I get free time after my work and get to learn how to use it. SO That is why I like MY chromebook.

It’s Helped my learning by?

Because it makes me get better at learning how to do things that we don’t do in our chromebooks it makes me type faster how to research find out what the definition, and other things. SO thats why MY learning on MY chromebook.


  1. Hi Jolene I like my Chromebook because it helps me learn different things everyday.
    I like your blog because it tells people things that you have been doing in your classroom and its really fun to read.

  2. Jolene I like the way you described how much you love your Chromebook and how It helps your learning and how much fun you have with your Chromebook BOOM!!!

  3. Hey Jolene, I like my chrome book because it helps me with different things every day. I like this description because it's helpful and I can learn from it.