Tuesday, 5 August 2014


  • We were learning about Nelson Mandela we were finding a little bit of facts and why hes a really cool guy.
  • I thought that I found a lot of facts really well.
  • Next time I am going to work on really powerful facts.

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Nelson Mandela was the leader of the (ANC) He wanted non-violent approach. He was of terrorist from the Africian government and went to prison for 27 years. He came out treated like a king and became the first ever president of the south Africian.

Nelson Mandela was Born: on the July 18, 9818, in Mveso, Transkei, and South Africa. he saw that the white people were doing something wrong so he step up to the white and went to prison for 27 years. ( The white people ruled and took control over the black people)

Apartheid is when you are getting split apart and it’s the Afrikaans way of saying apartness. The people of South Africa were being divided.

I admire Nelson Mandela because he was very brave to step up to the white people and say what you are doing to this country is wrong. He got looked up in jail just for having a brain and a lot of time in prison but you would of came out out hating others or wanting to smash someone but he didn’t he still wanted other people to change and be treated the same.


  1. I LOVE your reflection Jolene! How awesome that your next steps are to find 'POWERFUL Facts'... That's IS your next step...Really thinking about what you include, why and what it will leave your audience thinking.... BOOM!!!

  2. Hi Jolene I like the way you described Nelson Mandela by saying he was South Africian his birthday was on July 18 9818 in Mveso and he was in prison for 27 years.