Friday, 6 June 2014

My recount-a time i was successful

Recount: A time I was successful.

WALT: Retell of a past experience.

WILF: Audience has all the information needed.

When I scored a try

The whistle blow Kiana was holding the ball she yelled "here grab the ball" to me but I didn't even know were the try-line was. I was worried if I would let them down but only if Kiana passed it to me. Everyone screamed "pass Kiana pass".

As Kiana was yelling to me "here grab the ball" I was looking at the other team, they were getting closer so Kiana just toast the ball to me. I had the ball in my hand I asked Kiana were is the try-line she uttered at me "just run as fast as you can down to those two flags". I took a few breaths.

Next I boosted it towards the try-line everyone from KWS ripper team were yelling at me like a lion saying "boost it keep running " I had a little smile. People from the other team were heading towards me like a rino one of them almost ripped my tag, but lucky he was off side the ref blurted out "Keep running he is off side " I sprinted to the try-line.

Then Kiana yelled " hear pass it to me" I replied " no I'm almost there " she quickly replied back "then run" as she slowed down I boosted it straight up, everyone yelled at the same time "put it down" I slammed  it down to the fresh, wet grass the whistle blow I had scored a try. I had a big as smile.

Finally it was the end what a big try, I can't believe  that scored one.I gave everyone an hi-five I was proud of my-self. 

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