Monday, 19 May 2014

Purpose: Describe a moment in time for the soldiers.
WALT : Describe what and how the ANZAC soldiers would have:
1- Seen, 2- Felt, 3-Heard, 4- Smelt on board the ship as they waved    
                     goodbye to their loved ones on their way to WAR!

As I sat on the edge of the large, hard steel ship with my legs dangling limply over board I could see…….My children waving good bye as my wife was sulking, and I was waving.

I could feel my heart thumping faster and faster, sweat dripping down from my forehead, and my heart thumping even faster as more sweat dripped down from my head.

I was listening for my wife then I spotted her, my stunning wife she was sobbing her, heart out like she was dying, and my children saying “good-bye dad”.I was trying to stay strong so my stunning wife’s last picture was going to be me staying strong and not, me being a sobbing baby.

I could smell the big,huge engine from the huge steel ship that was carrying me to war. I could sniff my wife’s perfume.

I was thinking all about my family. I was thinking normal thought’s like if they would be okay with me or without me.
I was thinking that If I would be able to see them again or not, how dear they do this to me and especially my family.

By Jolene!!!


Friday, 16 May 2014

Toku Pepeha


  Toku Pepeha         
Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua te Waka

 Ko Kireoke te Maunga

Ko Pungakitere te Awa

Ko Ngapuhi te Iwi
Ko Ngati Tautahi Te Hapu

Ko Te Iringa te Marae 

 Ko Ben raua ko Jolene toku Matua

Ko Jolene toku Ingoa

No Te Iringa ahau