Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Mataariki !!!

We are learning about Mataariki here is my mahi is has facts, and the meaning. Hope you like it!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

cancer !!!


Why did they choose a daffodil for cancer ?

The daffodil is one of the first flowers of spring, whose bright yellow blooms remind us of the joys the new season will bring. It represents the hope there is for the 1 in 3 New Zealanders affected by cancer.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Why I like ....


I am going to tell you about
why I like my chromebook.

Why I like my chromebook?
I like my chromebook because
Its my own and I get to play games. I get free time after my work and get to learn how to use it. SO That is why I like MY chromebook.

It’s Helped my learning by?

Because it makes me get better at learning how to do things that we don’t do in our chromebooks it makes me type faster how to research find out what the definition, and other things. SO thats why MY learning on MY chromebook.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

x-country !!!

We were writing about our X-COUNTRY and this is my work but I think it is the best!!!

It was a cold, muddy, wet, and rainy winters day. We don’t care because it is our X-Country.

I felt nervous but enthusiastic. I was doing exercises  while my heart was pounding. I thought I was going to came last.

Miss Wihongi blurted “ Go! ” I tried to keep up to all of them, but they just pushed me back. I thought no way, I went ran faster and passed most of them.

I was so puffed out and exhausted. I couldn’t catch my breath I tried to keep up but I couldn’t. I wondered who’s in front of me?

I saw manuhiri cheering for everyone. Students and teachers were roaring “ run, run, run “

I really thought I done my best. 100% was how much effort I put in my running. But unfortunetly I came 4th, But I still ran !!!

Monday, 18 August 2014

Jolenes snowman

we were learning to make an animation and this is mine
 I'm really proud of my work.

my rainbow

We were learning to make rainbows and what colours
 are in the rainbow and this is my mahi.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Listening and active listening!

We were learning about how listening is different to Active Listening I have done my best so I hope you like it !!!

  • Hearing
  • Listening
  • Looking
  • Focused
  • Sitting properly
  • Thinking
  • Asking questions
  • Understand


Super hero

We were making a super hero and this is mine.

  • text.gif
  • text.gif
  • text.gif
  • text.gif
  • text.gif

She is guardian of all those girls that have powers and does her best to protect them and she is the best guardian I think that I have made!!!

Friday, 8 August 2014


text.gifScreenshot 2014-08-08 at 9.23.15 AM.png

Yesterday we learnt about two things.
  • Healthy earth
  • Healthy you

Healthy Earth was about how our rubbish is making its way to the sea and are killing animals like turtles, seals, bird, jellyfish, and whales. They also make garbage patches and one of the biggest patches are nearby New Zealand and it is disgusting.

Healthy YOU is about how much sugar is in the foods we eat in my lunch box. When you look down then you could see my total of how much sugar I have in my lunchbox.

  • Bread has this much sugar 2.6 g. ( 4 teaspoons )
  • Bananas has this much sugar 12 g. ( 3 teaspoons )
  • Banana cakes have this much sugars 42.66g. ( 5 and a bit of a teaspoons )

12 and a bit of teaspoons I have some days.
I have two peice of rubbish and one scraps.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


  • We were learning about Nelson Mandela we were finding a little bit of facts and why hes a really cool guy.
  • I thought that I found a lot of facts really well.
  • Next time I am going to work on really powerful facts.

Screenshot 2014-08-05 at 2.17.34 PM.pngScreenshot 2014-08-05 at 2.19.59 PM.png
Nelson Mandela was the leader of the (ANC) He wanted non-violent approach. He was of terrorist from the Africian government and went to prison for 27 years. He came out treated like a king and became the first ever president of the south Africian.

Nelson Mandela was Born: on the July 18, 9818, in Mveso, Transkei, and South Africa. he saw that the white people were doing something wrong so he step up to the white and went to prison for 27 years. ( The white people ruled and took control over the black people)

Apartheid is when you are getting split apart and it’s the Afrikaans way of saying apartness. The people of South Africa were being divided.

I admire Nelson Mandela because he was very brave to step up to the white people and say what you are doing to this country is wrong. He got looked up in jail just for having a brain and a lot of time in prison but you would of came out out hating others or wanting to smash someone but he didn’t he still wanted other people to change and be treated the same.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Hi my name is Jolene I’m in room 6 but I didn’t get any because there was no more but this isn’t my jacket it is my friends but I’m getting it sincerely soon I bet you that it will be the bestest most, comfortablest, warmest jacket that I have ever had so I’d like to Thank you so much again for this Warriors & Kids Can. Thank You a Bunch!!!☺

Monday, 23 June 2014

My speech

Purpose: To convince/ persuade my audience.
Topic: Why we need 2 day weekends.

Six days away from my family that is just too much. Hi my name is Jolene and I think that my teacher is crazy. I got things to do man. That is why I’m here to convince you that we should still have two day weekends.

Firstly, I’m going to need some sleep in time because I’m growing fast, I play hard and work hard and I can’t focus when I’m tired and it won’t be much fun either.just playing with the same people every Saturday. So I need my Saturdays that's why I believe that we should still have two day weekends to remain.

Secondly, if I stayed away from school for two days then I will be able to spend time with my family so we can play, have fresh air, they won’t be able to watch us, I might miss out on what they do, I will miss them and I could be able to help mum look after the baby (family time). Therefore I love having fun, that's why I truly deeply believe that there should be two days weekend

Thirdly, I need time to play with other people like my friends because when I see them shopping at New world or Countdown I don’t spend much time with them. On Sunday I have to do chores and when I have free time my mum is always wanting me and if I come to school on Saturday then I’ll just be playing with the same people. So that's why I deeply believe that we still need 2 day weekends.

In conclusion I have stated three great reasons from myself why we need 2 day weekends,
1. I need sleep in time to focus,
2. I need family time so I don’t miss out on the things that they do
3. I need to play with other people like my friends so I could refresh my mind and you learn lots from playing.

So I’m Jolene Komene and I’d like to like thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for listening to my speech.

Friday, 6 June 2014

My recount-a time i was successful

Recount: A time I was successful.

WALT: Retell of a past experience.

WILF: Audience has all the information needed.

When I scored a try

The whistle blow Kiana was holding the ball she yelled "here grab the ball" to me but I didn't even know were the try-line was. I was worried if I would let them down but only if Kiana passed it to me. Everyone screamed "pass Kiana pass".

As Kiana was yelling to me "here grab the ball" I was looking at the other team, they were getting closer so Kiana just toast the ball to me. I had the ball in my hand I asked Kiana were is the try-line she uttered at me "just run as fast as you can down to those two flags". I took a few breaths.

Next I boosted it towards the try-line everyone from KWS ripper team were yelling at me like a lion saying "boost it keep running " I had a little smile. People from the other team were heading towards me like a rino one of them almost ripped my tag, but lucky he was off side the ref blurted out "Keep running he is off side " I sprinted to the try-line.

Then Kiana yelled " hear pass it to me" I replied " no I'm almost there " she quickly replied back "then run" as she slowed down I boosted it straight up, everyone yelled at the same time "put it down" I slammed  it down to the fresh, wet grass the whistle blow I had scored a try. I had a big as smile.

Finally it was the end what a big try, I can't believe  that scored one.I gave everyone an hi-five I was proud of my-self. 

Monday, 19 May 2014

Purpose: Describe a moment in time for the soldiers.
WALT : Describe what and how the ANZAC soldiers would have:
1- Seen, 2- Felt, 3-Heard, 4- Smelt on board the ship as they waved    
                     goodbye to their loved ones on their way to WAR!

As I sat on the edge of the large, hard steel ship with my legs dangling limply over board I could see…….My children waving good bye as my wife was sulking, and I was waving.

I could feel my heart thumping faster and faster, sweat dripping down from my forehead, and my heart thumping even faster as more sweat dripped down from my head.

I was listening for my wife then I spotted her, my stunning wife she was sobbing her, heart out like she was dying, and my children saying “good-bye dad”.I was trying to stay strong so my stunning wife’s last picture was going to be me staying strong and not, me being a sobbing baby.

I could smell the big,huge engine from the huge steel ship that was carrying me to war. I could sniff my wife’s perfume.

I was thinking all about my family. I was thinking normal thought’s like if they would be okay with me or without me.
I was thinking that If I would be able to see them again or not, how dear they do this to me and especially my family.

By Jolene!!!


Friday, 16 May 2014

Toku Pepeha


  Toku Pepeha         
Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua te Waka

 Ko Kireoke te Maunga

Ko Pungakitere te Awa

Ko Ngapuhi te Iwi
Ko Ngati Tautahi Te Hapu

Ko Te Iringa te Marae 

 Ko Ben raua ko Jolene toku Matua

Ko Jolene toku Ingoa

No Te Iringa ahau 


Monday, 14 April 2014

Just Kidding - Panui

Last week we have been learning how to record our voice on Audioboo I think that i have done well on my recording because it is well spoken and I think that i should try and working on my mucking up and trying to be more clearer on my voice.
listen to ‘jolene just kidding.’ on Audioboo

Thursday, 3 April 2014

In class I made a presentation to put on the my blog and it's all about killer whales and dolphins.